A Simple 3 step process

  1. Phone us on the toll free numbers or,
  2. Email admissions@horizonrehabthailand.com and we will call you back. We will go through a pre-admissions checklist in order to make sure we are the right facility for you. If you are happy we will arrange a date for your arrival.
  3. Deposit- A $2000 USD deposit is required to secure your place at the time of booking by bank transfer, or PayPal. A refund of the deposit will not be given if a client cancels their reservation. The remainder of the balance is due prior to arrival at the rehab facility.

Parents / concerned parties- if you are the parent/child/spouse/friend or manager of an alcoholic and would like to discuss how we can potentially help your loved one or colleague then please give our admissions manager a ring, in the strictest confidence and they will be happy to answer all your questions.

Refund Policy:

We offer a 50% refund on the balance of payment up to the first 5 days in treatment, after this time no refund is due. If you choose to leave within the first 5 days we will refund you 50% of the balance of payment and we will return it to you within 30 days. This is in order to ensure your safe return home.

Involuntary Discharge:

If we ask you to leave treatment for any reason before the end date of your treatment, no refund of any description will be payable. The $2000 USD deposit is non refundable. Horizon Rehab reserves the right to discharge a client from the program without a refund if the client is found intoxicated during the program or found in possession of alcohol and/or illicit substances. The client causes disruption to the program or disturbs the treatment of other clients.

Admission Requirements:

  • We Advise you to have travel insurance before travelling
  • Physically and mentally able to join in daily activities. If you have any doubts concerning your physical or mental disabilities, please let us know during your admissions process.
  • Willing to follow your treatment program as outlined in the treatment plan
  • Upon arrival a Horizon Rehab staff member will need to check all belongings for the safety of yourself and other clients.
  • All passports, cash, credit cards and valuables will be kept in the administration safe until program completion
  • Please bring all prescribed medications in their original boxes. What To Bring

Items that are required for you during your stay include:

  • Workout clothing
  • Regular clothing (Summer clothes)
  • Toiletries (No mouthwash, perfumes or aftershaves)
  • Swimwear
  • Spending money for purchasing additional items such as cigarettes etc.
  • Walking shoes
  • Running shoes
  • Sandals or flip flops
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun screen
  • Insect repellent
  • Hat or cap
  • Small bag for weekend excursions.

Optional items to bring with you to our rehab include:

  • Laptop
  • Cigarettes, we have designated smoking areas.
  • Books/Novels

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