What People Say About Us

I arrived in Thailand tired from the journey and exhausted with life. When I got to Horizon Rehab I was immediately struck by the beauty and tranquility of the surroundings – I was on the beach looking out at the mountains. The emphasis of freedom is on the whole person and personal connection. As I fell into the flow of life here I became aware of how everything dovetails into each other. Meditation, Yoga, CBT, EFT, Food, recreation and sleep all have a purpose and are interwoven. This is due to the skill of the counsellors and the workshop leaders. The cheery Thai staff adds to the ambience. I learned in a safe and nurturing environment the nature of alcoholism I suffer with and how I have kept it going in spite of great unhappiness and poor physical and mental health.

Spirituality is at the core here but it is not intrusive, it is part of the natural rhythm. As I prepare to leave I am armed with new skills and freedom to choose not to continue on the path I was on. I now have awareness of the pitfalls that may arise and how I can manage them in a sane way.

I is not all a walk in the park but the fabulous food, swimming pool, climate, Thai culture and calmness all add to the notion of being able to challenge the old ways and explore new ways of living. So it is with hope, rejuvenation, physical and mental health restored that I return home. With the help of the 12 steps, AA meetings and new skills I pray that I will remain sober one day at a time.


After years of struggling with alcohol addiction, a friend of the family referred me to Horizon Rehab Thailand Center for treatment. From the moment I arrived there, I knew I was right where I needed to be. The staff welcomed me and always treated me with dignity and respect. I felt very safe and soon realized that there could be a better way to live! I remember trying to justify my actions when I was using and realized what I was doing was not working for me…. I needed help!

The time I spent at Horizon Rehab with the counselors, staff, the beach was amazing and very refreshing to watch it every morning, it changed who I was. I could not be the sober person I am today without all of them. I can honestly say they saved my life. There really are no words to describe what they have done for me and for so many others that suffer daily. I now have almost 9 months of sobriety! If you or someone you know and love struggles with alcohol addiction, and has the willingness to change, I recommend this Treatment Center!! Just knowing that almost all of the staff has been through recovery themselves gave me motivation to want to be like them…to be happy and healthy and helping others to live the solution instead of the problem!