It is long known that alcohol can pose a significant risk to human health. However, alcohol is consumed worldwide in large amounts. The harmful use of alcohol causes a large disease, social and economic burden in societies. The harmful use of alcohol is a component cause of more than 200 disease and injury conditions in individuals, most notably alcohol dependence, liver cirrhosis, cancers and injuries.

Alcoholism has a profound effect on the entire body, especially the brain, heart, pancreas, mouth, liver and immune system.

The experts are now saying that there may not be a safe level of drinking at all, even though it is recommended at the moment to keep your alcohol use to the guidelines.

Am I drinking too much?

We have lots of information on this website that can help you to decide whether or not you are drinking too much.

If your time, effort, and resources formerly dedicated to life-sustaining activities, such as working and spending time with the family, are disrupted then you need to seek help. Initially, a person may think that abusing alcohol will help them deal with these stressors, but as they continue to drink a lot, over time, this abuse can turn into dependence on the substance. Once individuals become psychologically addicted, alcohol abuse can become all-consuming. As individuals are often part of social networks, it is easy to understand how alcohol abuse has a ripple effect across a person’s entire network of family, friends, employers, colleagues, and anyone else who depends on the person.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

If you think you may be drinking too much and alcohol is causing problems in your life affecting your work, relationships and health you can read the page on this website under Symptoms of Alcoholism to gain a better understanding of your drinking habits and whether you need to seek treatment.

Alcoholism is a progressive illness meaning that it gets worse and worse over time so it’s better to seek treatment now before it progresses into full blown alcoholism.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

The Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms page on this website gives you the list of withdrawal symptoms that happen when alcohol is stopped. You may be suffering from them now and this page will help you in understanding in how far down the path of alcohol abuse you may be.

You can call us now to speak to a Counsellor who will answer any questions you may have and can help support you into treatment at Horizon Rehab.

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