Counselling explained

A big part of the programme at Horizon Rehab is counselling. When you arrive you will be assigned your own personal counsellor. All our counsellors are trained addiction professionals. You will work on your recovery plans and goals with your Counsellor who will guide and support you through your time with us.

The decision to seek treatment for addiction is not an easy one and we understand that you will need someone who listens, understands and can provide a safe place for you to work through your process.

All our counsellors create an environment that feels comfortable and welcoming where you can discuss anything that will help in your process. We take a collaborative approach, which means that you and your counsellor work together on your plans.

We want you to own your recovery rather than a counsellor telling you what to do. Most people have all the resources they need to recover and it’s the counsellor’s job to help you realise your potential; it’s a strong therapeutic alliance. You will have two one hour sessions a week but your counsellor will always be there for you if you need extra support.

Group Therapy explained

Group therapy sessions are a core aspect of the programme where you will spend time with your peers. Being in a group therapy setting means having several other people to cheer you on and help you set and achieve goals toward your recovery.

For some people this can be scary at first but once you see that you can open up and talk about your struggles in an environment that is safe and non-judgmental you will soon see the benefits of the whole group working together.

We only have a maximum of 12 clients at one time so the groups are kept small to give plenty of time for everyone to work through their processes and emotions. The groups at Horizon Rehab consist of educational and process group therapy sessions.

Process groups are an opportunity to discuss whatever struggles you may have and get feedback and identification from your peers.

Educational groups are different because these are sessions where we learn about alcohol addiction. We will look at denial and how it keeps us in our addiction, reservations about drinking in the future, triggers, high risk situations and many other topics. We will explore the science behind addiction so we can best understand ourselves and what coping skills we need to achieve sobriety.

There will be a group session for two hours every day apart from weekends.

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