Medical detox is often the first step for people who want to quit alcohol. The process itself entails medical supervision and supportive withdrawal management as the body clears itself of the toxic influence alcohol.

Detoxing from alcohol can be dangerous and the effects of alcohol withdrawal range from mild to moderate to severe to life-threatening and the symptoms can persist for weeks.

The absolute worst outcome from alcohol detox done improperly is that you can die. To be safe you need to be monitored by professionals.

What is a medical assisted detox?

An alcohol detox involves using Benzodiazepines to reduce some of the potential over-activity the central nervous system may undergo as it attempts to restore its natural order.

A stabilisation dose is required on the first day, followed by a tapering regime. Benzodiazepines are prescribed depending on a number of factors, including the severity of the alcoholism issue and the symptoms presenting during detox.

Your detox will be managed by our detox team, try not to worry, we are the experts and you are in very safe hands at Horizon Rehab.

Below are some of the questions you will be asked by our admissions team about your drinking habits to start the process of your needs around detox.

  • How much alcohol do you drink on a typical day?
  • What type of alcohol do you drink?
  • How many hours do you go without having any alcohol?
  • Do you have any shaking in your hands once you do stop drinking?
  • How long after your last drink does the shaking start?
  • Have you ever had a seizure after stopping drinking?
  • Do you mix alcohol with any other drugs?
  • Are you on any medication?

Detox will last anything between two to five days and being in a safe and comfortable environment helps. It can also be an emotional time and we will give you whatever you need, whether that’s a little privacy and peace or mixing with your peers. Whatever you need, you can rest assure we are here for you.

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