At Horizon Rehab we believe that a very big part of recovery from alcohol consumption should include nutritional repair. If your body is not functioning optimally then you will feel the effects through your moods and emotions.

The role of proper diet and vitamin supplementation should not be discounted.

We take your health seriously; all the meals prepared by our chef are optimal for a speedy recovery. We buy local fresh organic produce every day. If you have any special dietary requirements then please do let us know at the admissions process.

Thailand is famous for its fruits, and the area surrounding the rehab is full of fruit plantations. We have fresh juices every morning including bananas, apples, pineapple, melon, mango, chia seeds and soy or diary.

B-vitamin complex

Alcoholism significantly affects your level of B complex, a group of water-soluble vitamins that includes thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12, biotin and pantothenic acid. Many of your body’s vital processes rely on these vitamins — collectively referred to as B complex — to function effectively.

B complex is an important symptom management tool as you detox from alcohol. Niacin (vitamin B-3) can make withdrawal easier, while thiamine (vitamin B-1) is used to decrease fatigue and to increase effective brain functioning and memory. Pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5) helps rid your body of alcohol and supports adrenal function.

The signs of harm are not always obvious; through your treatment we will supply you with a course of B- complex vitamins including Thiamine B1.

Alcohol misuse can cause defiency in other vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin C – continuing deficiency causes chronic depression and fatigue

Magnesium – symptoms of deficiency include confusion, apathy, loss of appetite, weakness and

Calcium – depletion affects the central nervous system

Zinc – inadequacies result in apathy, lack of appetite and lethargy

Iron – depression is often a symptom of chronic iron deficiency

Manganese – necessary for proper use of the B-Complex vitamins and Vitamin C

Potassium – depletion is frequently associated with depression, tearfulness, weakness and fatigue

We will also supply Multi-vitamins if you wish.

Love your liver

One of the most common and potentially severe side effects of alcoholism is liver damage, which, in severe cases, may lead to death. A healthy diet can lead to a healthier liver. We do not use processed foods, sugars or saturated fat in our meals so the liver does not have to work as hard to filter what comes through it. At Horizon Rehab our chef will provide you lots of fruits and vegetables which leads to a healthier body overall.

We will take you for (LFT) Liver function tests at Bangkok private hospital a 20 minute drive from the rehab if our onsite nurse recommends it.

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