Horizon Rehab operates a very strict confidentiality Policy. We treat in the strictest of confidence what happens here and what is said here. We hold your data in both oral and written form within stringent safeguards.

Horizon Rehab will keep everything our clients say or do whilst in treatment and after they leave treatment in the strictest of confidence. Any thing our clients say or do here will only be shared with the relevant staff members, or clinical staff both internal and external as and when necessary, unless to do so would cause harm or potential harm to our client or to another.

Any data we hold on you will only be used for the purpose it was intended. We hold onto data only as long as necessary. We never share data with outside organisations. The only exceptions to this are listed below.

Duty To Warn And Protect

If you disclose a plan to harm yourself or threaten to do soHorizon Rehab must attempt to notify your family or next of kin and notify legal authorities. In addition if you disclose a plan to threaten or harm another individual, Horizon Rehab is required to warn the individual and notify legal authorities.

Abuse Of Children And Vulnerable Adults

If you disclose that you have, or wish to, abuse children or vulnerable adults (the elderly/sick/disabled/incompetent) Horizon Rehab must report this information to the appropriate agency and legal authorities. If we suspect that this is the case we also have the same responsibility and will act accordingly.

Leaving Treatment Early

If you decide to leave treatment early for any reason and we feel you are in danger of serious consequences such as drug or alcohol use or any other reason then we are duty bound to inform your Next of Kin about our concerns.

You, the client, agree to keep what is said in group, or in general conversation within the treatment centre confidential. At no point are you allowed to put on any social media platform who you see here or what you hear here, whilst on the premises or out on excursions, whilst in treatment or subsequent to leaving treatment. Photographs are strictly forbidden. This is in order to keep our clients anonymity outside of the treatment centre.