Watching a loved one in the grip of addiction brings feelings of complete distress and helplessness.
Addiction affects the whole family, not just the addict and this terrible disease will have no regard for
anyone or anything.

Families are ripped apart and children always suffer as the addict will cheat, lie and manipulate to feed the addiction. Evidence based research is starting to understand the addicted brain, It’s not a moral failing, the addict needs help to break the viscous cycle.

As a family member you will be doing everything you can to help, but loved ones needs professional help. We have a specially designed programme that educates and provides all the resources and tools loved ones need to achieve sobriety.

At Horizon Rehab Thailand we can help and the first step is to call us or email us from the contact us page. We will support you through the process of getting your loved one to rehab.

During rehab we will involve you in their treatment through the family feedback programme giving you the opportunity to be part of their learning and journey of recovery. There is hope and with professional help and ongoing aftercare treatment this disease can be managed.


  • US & Canada: 1888-271-9322
  • United Kingdom: 0800-051-3762
  • Australia: 1800-910-149
  • New Zealand: 0800-445-848
  • Thailand: +66 922604511

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