Rehab is a place where anyone can receive help and support to address substance misuse.

Some rehabs are funded by the government and some, such as Horizon Rehab, are privately owned. Rehab is also called ‘inpatient treatment’ because you live onsite and everything is provided for you. Most rehabs can also provide a medical detox.
Privately run facilities such as Horizon Rehab are a great choice because you can often enter very quickly without long waiting lists. We have the luxury of operating in Thailand which means that low costs can be passed on.

When someone is caught in the vicious cycle of addiction it can be extremely difficult to break the pattern. A rehab facility provides a safe place free of substances where you can access group therapy and professional counselling to help address problems associated with substance misuse.

We have a recovery programme run by a team of professionals including counsellors, recovery coaches, doctors and nurses. You will generally be kept busy all day with recovery focused activities, the opportunity to exercise and to take part in support meetings.

You will be around others who are experiencing problems with addiction. This can be a great source of comfort if things get tough; rehab can be an emotional time.

Our rehab programme takes between one and three months with Thailand as an ideal place to recover with sun all year round.

A typical day at rehab

Rehab provides routine and structure to the day which is needed to help you get back into the swing of life without the day being consumed by substance use issues.

The day will normally start early with everyone participating in some kind of exercise. This will be followed by breakfast and then meditation or group activity. Group therapy or education sessions then follow for a couple of hours before lunch.

Afternoons involve individual counselling, massage or support meetings. You will also be doing any assignment work your counsellor has set.

We provide evening activities around recovery, normally as a group, and then after dinner some free time.

You may keep your phone as long as it is not a distraction to your therapy so you can start to build broken relationships with loved ones. Family members may take part in your therapy in a way set out by the staff.

Weekends are normally a little slower in pace with support meetings or excursions.

The luxury of being in Thailand at Horizon Rehab is that we are located on the beach so you can cycle or walk along the foreshore. We also have a large swimming pool and jaccuzzi. we go for excursions on sundays to show you some Thai culture ………..

Thai culture; you really do get the full package with us.

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